The second cd "UNDIVIDED - MOVES BETWEEN CLOUDS" is „RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASE“ in the October 2011 Edition of „The New York City Jazz Record“ and was „CD of the month“ in RADIO JAZZ Warsaw in july 2011.

MOVES BETWEEN CLOUDS" "... is a fascinating live recording. ... As with late Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Jimmy Giuffre and even some Donald Byrd records of the time period, Moves Between Clouds has a spiritual and almost folkish element to it. ... Moves Between Clouds is blissful and hypnotic in its delivery. ... Excellent stuff."
- Stephan Moore,, August 2011, USA

„ ... the compositions, the harmonic development, the playing itself is again fantastic, with its own yearning aesthetic, and its integration of elements of various jazz subgenres, including today's music, but also klezmer. And all this is brought with the ambition of a classical symphony, flowing endlessly, full of majesty and grandeur. A band with a great musical vision, and pitch perfect delivery. Again a great achievement.
- Stef Gijssels,, 2010, Belgium

„This is cerebral, spiritual, emotional, meditative and yet powerfull and passionate, music that stuns the mind and moves heart and soul. While this probably won't catch you off-guard the way their debut did, it continues its level of excellency and shouldn't be missed.“
- Bartek Adamczak,, Sept 2011, Poland

" Polish composer/clarinetist Wacław Zimpel is one of the most promising musicians from the European continent. On Univided's Moves Between Clouds: Live in Warsaw, Zimpel demonstrates a unique sonic aesthetic and musical vision. His compositions are multilayered, possess strong thematic structures and feature an expansive compositional vocabulary. Revealing great spiritual depth, the group's music is informed by free chamber jazz legacy of Jimmy Guiffre and the extended techniques and innovative harmonic approach of Eric Dolphy, as well as elements from 20th century European composers who include folk motifs in their compositions, such as Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky.
This most beautiful live recording is a remarkable achievement."
- Eyal Hareuveni,, February 2012, USA